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Reading & Annotating Texts — SURVEY

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Starting a Puzzle

Think of what you do when you begin to work on a jigsaw puzzle. You’ll do something similar at this step in your reading:

  • Look at the picture on the box: Review the chapter outline, if there is one.
  • Notice the patterns (clumps of color, etc.): Skim the introduction.
  • Set up your borders: Read headings and subheading–you’re getting a sense of the structure of the chapter.
  • Check out the “special pieces”: Check out photos, diagrams, other supplemental information. If there are questions/key terms/other information at the end of the chapter, set a bookmark for quick reference as you read.
  • Give it one last look before jumping in: Read the conclusion/summary thoroughly: it will point you toward the key terms and concepts to look for as you read.

As you go through this process, ask yourself: what will I be learning? What will this mean? How does it fit into what I’ve already learned?